All of the shampoos and leave-in and rinse-out treatments of the Villa Lodola line are certified by the ICEA (Institute for Ethical Environmental Certification, www.icea.info).

In a market that increasingly rewards organic cosmetics, the ICEA certifies approximately 170 companies and 3,000 products. Its certifications are internationally accredited with the most important organic cosmetics brands in Europe. All of the ecological and organic cosmetics certified by the ICEA are healthy and natural products without chemicals that are harmful to humans, animals and the environment.

Eco-organic cosmetic products are characterised by: the use of organic or spontaneously harvested raw materials; the absence of materials that are questionable in ecological terms (both in the product and the packaging); the absence of non-plant raw materials considered “at risk” (or rather allergens, irritants or with evidence of probable damage to human health); the reduction of environmental impact due to superfluous packaging (individual packaging) or non-recyclable packaging (packaging with renewable raw materials, recyclable materials or materials associated with a system for returning the empty containers).

The following criteria were used by the ICEA to choose the allowable raw materials:
- low toxicity and absence of undesirable effects on human beings;
- low environmental impact;
- compatibility with the skin.