Hydrating and protective Shampoo and Conditioner, for daily care of all types of hair.


Emollient and shine-boosting Shampoo and Conditioner , for dull, dry and treated hair.

Vis Vitae

Stimulating and toning Shampoo and Lotion, for fine hair that lacks strength and tends to fall out.

Remedium Sebi

Astringent and refreshing Shampoo and Clay for greasy hair and scalp.


Exfoliating, cleansing and soothing treatment to cleanse and purify sensitive scalps.


Soothing and protective Shower Gel and Body Lotion for daily care of sensitive, delicate skin.


Leave-on treatments that provide softness and shine to all hair types. Hair and body.


Wax and Gel that provide shine and style to all hair types. Hair and body.

Aqua Mist & Lotion

Aromatic floral waters, for the health and freshness of hair, skin and body. Hair and body.

Aroma Ritualis

Essential Oils and Base Cream for skin health.

Color Lucens

Permanent hair colour, ammonia- and paraphenylenediamine-free.