Aroma Ritualis


The Ritual of Essential Oils

Drawing inspiration from aromatherapy and from the way essential oils extracted from plants interact with the human body at a physical, mental and emotional level, influencing our feelings and our mood, Villa Lodola has created AROMA RITUALIS, a system of 5 different essential oils. Every aroma has been selected and created for its different properties on the skin and hair and for its different psycho-aromatic characteristics.
To make it easier to apply to the hair and scalp, an eco-organic Base Cream with a neutral fragrance has been added to the AROMA RITUALIS line and can be personalised with any one of the various essences based on the desired effect. Let’s look at the product line:


    ICEA certification no. 084 BC 021

    Properties: fresh, penetrating, floral fragrance with a relaxing, calming and soothing effect. Relieves the scalp. Also perfect for a relaxing, aromatic bath. Psycho-aromatic effects: lavender essential oil is useful in aromatherapy for calming the emotions and can be effective for depression, nervousness, and restlessness.

    FSC cardboard box containing 1 15ml glass bottle with dropper cap


    ICEA certification no.084 BC 022

    Properties: strong, grassy fragrance with a refreshing, toning and purifying effect. Psycho-aromatic effects: peppermint essential oil is useful in aromatherapy for stimulating the intellect and intensifying communication at all levels; it increases ability to reason, clears the mind, and induces optimism and a positive attitude toward others.

    FSC cardboard box containing 1 15ml glass bottle with dropper cap


    ICEA certification no. 084 BC 024

    Properties: antioxidant, stimulating and reinforcing. A sweet, fruity and effervescent aroma that purifies the thoughts. Gives you the feel of a reinvigorating bath. Psycho-aromatic effects: sweet orange essential oil is useful in aromatherapy for promoting positive thinking and reducing the sense of oppression caused by problems and worries: teaches you how to smile and lighten up.

    FSC cardboard box containing 1 15ml glass bottle with dropper cap


    ICEA certification n 084 BC 023

    Properties: warm and spicy fragrance, tones and deodorises. Has a purifying, antibacterial and energising effect. Psycho-aromatic effects: Tea tree essential oil is useful in aromatherapy for its balancing effects; it fosters affectionate behaviour and strengthens and energises over time.

    FSC cardboard box containing 1 15ml glass bottle with dropper cap


    ICEA certification no. 084 BC 025

    Properties: this is a blend of Copaiba, Geranium, Damask Rose, Sweet Orange, Bergamot, Marjoram and Clary Sage essential oils that has a balancing, soothing and toning effect. Psycho-aromatic effects: the essential oils selected for this blend are useful in aromatherapy for their calming and relaxing properties, making them an excellent ally when stress and fatigue are high.

    FSC cardboard box containing 1 15ml glass bottle with dropper cap


    ICEA certification n 084 BC 020

    Properties: Fragrance-free, Eco-organic Base Cream for hair and body, to be personalised with any one of the Aroma Ritualis essences depending on the desired effect. Primary functional ingredients: after carrying out a study lasting 6 years, we have selected 4 different organic Medicinal Plants: Mullein, Helichrysum, Flax, and Anthemis Tinctoria or Dyer’s Chamomile. Through different mechanisms, both biochemical and mechanical, these were found to be very effective for their soothing, calming and antioxidant properties. The combination of the natural extracts of these four plants have been combined to create VELIAN complex, the patent pending functional ingredient that gets its name from the first letters of the 4 medicinal plants used in it. These four ingredients make hair care products that are better tolerated. They also protect the hair against exogenous oxidant agents, ageing factors, and microbial agents present in the scalp.

    PP jar 500 ml


    Aroma Ritualis essences have a variety of functions. We list their possible uses below:
    After washing hair with the proper Villa Lodola shampoo, blot the scalp and hair dry with a towel. Mix the AROMA RITUALIS Base Cream and the AROMA RITUALIS essence together with a brush in the amounts indicated below: HAIR LENGTH Base Cream qty. Essential oil qty.
    - Short 40 g approx. 8 drops
    - Medium 50 g approx. 10 drops
    - Long 60 g approx. 12 drops
    Using a brush, apply the cream, section by section, to the entire scalp. Massage thoroughly. Spread the excess product throughout the mid-shafts and then comb. Emulsify and rinse thoroughly.

    Room fragrance:
    - Potpourri: for a medium level of fragrance take approximately 2 handfuls of potpourri and 10/12 drops of essential oil. To increase intensity, add additional drops of essential oil
    - Room fragrance: 1 drop of essential oil for every square metre using an essential oil burner or add to the water of a humidifier for radiators
    - Neutral Incense Sticks: spread the incense stick with the essential oil of your choosing from top to bottom Allow it to absorb for a few minutes before burning the stick. Once lit, gently blow out the flame. The fragrance will spread gradually as the incense burns.

    Bath fragrance:
    add 10 to 15 drops of your favourite Aroma Ritualis oil to a full tub of tepid water, then dip in, relax and enjoy the benefits!