ValoriVL ridotto

Villa Lodola is located in the hills of the Upper Tiber Valley, and surrounded by olive groves that have been converted to organic farming, situated amongst sky blue fields of flax that seem to blend into the sky. Created for your beauty and health needs, it is part of a larger “ecological” project, where each daily gesture is carried out with respect for nature and beauty. Like the olive oil that has been adding delicious flavour to our cuisine for thousands of years and the fragrance of flowers and aromatic herbs: Villa Lodola is a tribute to the generosity of the land, to the limpid freshness of the water and the purity of the air we breathe.

It is an essential concept and fundamental element of the Villa Lodola mission. «Beauty will save the world» (Fyodor Dostoyevsky): no phrase rings truer or describes the period we live in better. Beauty is in fact culture, tradition and values that can be attributed to every scope of the human experience, from clothes to hairstyles, from art to relationships… and when thinking about the perfection and balance of certain ecosystems, even and especially to the environment.

Villa Lodola was created and developed in Umbria, a region that has always been associated with a simple and immediate approach to the environment based on respect and love. This attitude towards nature stems from Villa Lodola’s physical location in Italy amongst the green hills. It also results from the fact that Umbria was the birthplace of the most important aesthete, cantor and lover of nature of all time: St. Francis of Assisi. He was the first to understand the importance and beauty of the environment and nature, and how a respectful attitude toward them could be a source of love and of a new and deep spirituality. Villa Lodola integrates perfectly with these values, since they have been part of its DNA right from the start.