Villa Lodola

Vision e Mission

«You would be delighted if you could gaze upon this region from the heights of the hills. In fact, it would seem that you were looking at not just any land, but a beautiful scene painted by Nature; so varying and so pleasantly arranged that your eyes are delighted by what they are looking at…
The region is beautiful. Imagine an immense amphitheatre that only Nature could create. A vast and open plain surrounded by mountains, the highest heights of which are covered with ancient and imposing forests… Up on high the copse follows the slope of the mountains».

This was how Pliny the Younger described the Upper Tiber Valley from his Villa in Tuscis at the end of the 1st century AD, calling it the perfect microcosm. And Villa Lodola is located precisely in the hills of San Giustino, surrounded by olive groves and lands that have been converted to organic cultivation, near Colle Plinio, at the border between Umbria and Tuscany.

Nature provides us with the vibrant ingredients of life and our passion inspires us to knowledgeably combine them to achieve all-natural Beauty and Wellness results that respect the skin, hair and body and that are in perfect harmony with the environment in which we live.

We believe that Nature is humanity’s most valuable asset. And Villa Lodola is our effort at sustainable development.

This philosophy is the basis of an eco-organic cosmetic line that has been developed and conceived for hair and body health and beauty while respecting nature and the environment.